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3D Printed Yachts are Right Around the Corner

3D Printed Yachts are Right Around the Corner

Written by David

December 12, 2018

3D printing is about to change the way yachts are built around the world. Recently, The Wall Street Journal described how a huge 15-ton 3D printer more than 16-feet tall called CFAM is being used to design yachts. In the article, the owner of the company that makes such printers calls them “the largest 3D printer in Europe and the largest in the world to incorporate glass and carbon fiber into its designs – an important distinction for CFAM’s intended market.” GrabCAD Blog: The 3D Printed Yacht HanseYachts AG, a manufacturer of German luxury vessels, is a yacht company venturing down the yacht fabrication path with 3D printing technology using a 10-meter long hull with its 20-meter-long 3-D printer. They plan to build yachts with such large printers in an industry in which yacht building has been a complex task left to designers and skilled trades with many different […]


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