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3D Printed Wheels – The 5 Most Promising Projects

3D Printed Wheels – The 5 Most Promising Projects

Written by David

January 17, 2019

You’ve heard it before — 3D printing enables the production of complex designs at a fraction of the cost of conventional means. The same is true for wheels, which we take a look at in the following. A 3D printed wheel featuring a complex design. Source: In recent years, 3D printing has made its way into wheel production, for several reasons. 3D printed wheels are still few and far between. As such, making them is a perfect opportunity for manufacturers to stand out. They grab the public’s attention and push the boundaries even further — a winning combo. Another reason is waste reduction. Normally, car wheels are produced by machining a solid block of aluminum. This technique, called CNC milling , can produce a material waste of up to 80%, which is not ideal. With 3D printing, the material waste is typically no more than 5%. Compared to […]


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