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3D Printed Violin – 6 Most Amazing Projects

3D Printed Violin – 6 Most Amazing Projects

Written by David

February 13, 2019

Back to top For centuries, the violin has seemed like a constant, remaining unchanged despite the advance of technology. Can these 3D printed violins make their way to the new realm of classical music? Ottawa Symphony Orchestra (OSO) – 3D Strings Concert performers Source: Classically trained musicians and luthiers have been skeptical about the new technologies implemented into acoustic instruments. After all, the craftsmanship has been around for centuries. It is impossible to imagine that this level of master skill can be replaced by some modeling software and a 3D printer. That said, times are changing. In 2018, the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra (OSO) launched the 3D String Theory Project, a symphony that includes 3D printed string instruments. In November 2018, the OSO performed its first 3D strings concert . “Sometimes as musicians we feel like we are sort of a living museum, and there is an element of […]


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