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3D-printed thermoelectric device sets new records

3D-printed thermoelectric device sets new records

Written by David

June 6, 2019

Swansea team claims that cheap device has potential to help industry turn its waste heat into an asset The thermoelectric effect occurs when dissimilar metals in contact with each other are heated, and electron transfer from one metal to another starts a current flowing. It has been known for many years, but it’s best known application today might be in space, where probes that cannot access solar energy easily use it to convert the heat from a lump of radioactive material into electricity to power their systems. Printing Tin Selenide to turn waste heat into electrical power. A team from the SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre at Swansea University has used additive manufacturing techniques to make a thermoelectric device which it claims has an efficiency factor 50 per cent higher than the previous best for printed materials. Moreover, the team adds, the device should be cheap to produce in […]


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