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3D-printed steaks are starting to actually look like meat

Written by David

January 14, 2020

Last week, Barcelona-based startup NovaMeat made foodie headlines by releasing the latest iteration of its 3D-printed steak; a plant-based fillet that seeks to mimic an actual cut of meat. Notably, this time around it actually looks quite a lot like real steak — a vast improvement on the previous iteration, which looked closer to a chunky slice of brown ham, with some flakes of salt on top.


NovaMeat is one of a bunch of startups that are in the process of designing 3D printers to make realistic steaks. 3D printers for food squeeze ingredients out of a tiny nozzle, layer by layer. When they’re used to make plant-based steaks, this means they can print cuts that not only taste like meat, but have the same texture, too. (Or so the startups say.) In doing so, these startups are chasing something that big plant-based meat companies like US-based Beyond Meat […]


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