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3D Printed Self-Repairing Shoes and Tires Coming Soon

We have all had that favorite pair of shoes that broke and was lost forever. We have also all experienced the burden of a flat tire . But what if those experiences became a thing of the past? What if these items could self-repair? SEE ALSO: High-Fashion Meets 3D Printing: 9 3D Printed Dresses for the Future This is exactly what researchers at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering have been working on . And what they have achieved is nothing short of impressive. 3D-printed rubber that self-repairs The scientists have developed a 3D-printed rubber material that can self-repair. Yes! , you heard right. The material simply repairs itself. Industry Better yet, the new material can be manufactured quickly and has countless applications in industries ranging from soft robotics to electronics. This is because it is based on a 3D printing method that uses photopolymerization. Photopolymerization […]


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