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3D Printed Safe Landing Garment Prevents Knee Injuries

Written by David

February 18, 2019

Back to top Hubert Chen, an industrial design student, has developed a 3D printed compression sleeve called the Safe Landing Garment which helps ensure athletes land properly and don’t get injured. If you’re a fan of cardio exercise, you’re likely doing wonders for your heart. However, by jumping and running, you put your ligaments under high pressure. As a result, knee injuries can occur, which may take years to heal. Hubert Chen , an industrial design student at the Pratt Institute in New York City, has developed what he calls a Safe Landing Garment (SLG) for athletes to wear. The garment is 3D printed, making it customizable and comfortable. As a result of wearing the SLG, athletes should be able to ensure a safe landing every time they jump. “By using 3D printing technology, the SLG garment will ensure that users with different needs perform with good landing mechanisms,” […]


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