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3D-printed rockets are winning over SpaceX veterans

3D-printed rockets are winning over SpaceX veterans

Written by David

February 14, 2019

Relativity, a space startup that wants to use its gigantic 3D printer to build rockets on Earth and, eventually, on Mars, is seeking its first patent—and the approval of industry insiders. Founders Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone were engineers at Blue Origin and SpaceX before funding their own startup with a cold email to Mark Cuban . Working for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, they had become convinced the key to making rockets was to dramatically expand the use of additive manufacturing beyond individual components to make the entire space vehicle cheaper, simpler, and more reliable. Now, their company has hired three former senior SpaceX executives, though Ellis stresses the hires came well before a recent round of layoffs at their Los Angeles neighbor . Real Cheap Auto Insurance Annuity Interest Rates Tim Buzza, one of the earliest SpaceX employees, has come on as a full-time “distinguished engineer” after […]


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