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3D-printed, robot grilled, meatless burgers. Need I say more?

3D-printed, robot grilled, meatless burgers. Need I say more?

Written by David

July 27, 2020

Over the past two years, the alternative meat industry has seen impressive growth, mostly thanks to Impossible meat and Beyond Meat cementing themselves key market players. However, while these offer an alternative but not quite real-tasting replacement to the beloved burger, an Israeli startup named SavorEat claims it’s working on creating the real thing: a meaty sensation, the aroma of the beef, and basically all the good stuff, all without even a gram of animal product.


Israeli FoodTech startup SavorEat has developed a whole ecosystem to create “the ultimate vegan burger”, dividing the process into a few stages: Unlike the standard veggie burgers, and other products from the same family that we recognize from our supermarket, SavorEat ’s raw material can transform into a variety of different meat-like textures, resembling and feeling like the real thing that needs no hunting nor farming. Just “print” […]


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