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3D printed knitted frameworks enable breakthrough complex architecture

3D printed knitted frameworks enable breakthrough complex architecture

Written by David

November 5, 2018

3D printing of knitted textiles has been used as a structure for complex architecture. This cuts down on material, labor and waste, and simplifies the construction process for complex shapes. A double-curved concrete shelled pavilion was made with 3D-knitted formwork. It was developed by Zaha Hadid Architects and ETH Zurich. The pavilion named KnitCandela is on display in Mexico. They built using KnitCrete. This is a new 3D-knitted textile technology for creating curving concrete structures. There is no need for expensive and time-consuming moulds. The knitted fabric weighs just 25 kilograms and the cable net 30 kilograms. The concrete shell weighs 5 tonnes. There is 100 times more concrete than fabric and cable. Making simpler and faster methods for curved buildings will be used by these leading architects. This breakthrough means more curved buildings. Curved buildings and curved sections of architecture should become less rare. Curved architecture had breakthroughs […]


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