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3D Printed Joints – The Basics

3D Printed Joints – The Basics

Written by David

April 11, 2019

Back to top Joints are a key component of 3D printing design. They may seem intimidating, but they’re simple if you keep some tips in mind. Find out about 3D printed joints! Some examples of 3D printed joints. Source: MakersMuse Simply put, a joint is any structure that joins two pieces together. In 3D printing, designing joints in your model is a great way to connect parts and allow movement. This all happens without the use of glue or screws, making your design super efficient! 3D printed joints come in handy in all sorts of situations. If you’re designing a 3D printed object with moving parts, such as a treasure chest or a truck with wheels, chances are you’ll need some kind of joint to bring everything together. But what types of joints are out there? How should you design one? What’s the best way to print them? Read […]


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