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3D-Printed Houses Are Now Easier To Build In Austin, But Don’t Expect A Whole Neighborhood Of Them

A rendering of “Genesis,” one of We Print Houses’ 3D-printed home designs. An Austin-based company is ushering in 3D technology that makes it easier for builders to print homes. Residential building company Sunconomy LLC and California-based Forge New last week introduced We Print Houses , a system that can be licensed by contractors and builders to construct homes in only a few months. The system is expected to “completely change [the construction] business model,” Larry Haines, founder of We Print Houses, said in a press release. It “immediately removes the common pitfalls of traditional home building – labor shortages, materials waste, construction time.” The houses are printed with a geopolymer cement that hardens at room temperature. According to Sunconomy and Forge New, the homes are more resistant to severe storms, hurricanes, fires, hail, flooding and major earthquakes. Gregory Takeshita, Forge New’s CEO, said We Print Houses allows builders to […]


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