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3D Printed Homes – 4 Most Fascinating Projects in 2019

3D Printed Homes – 4 Most Fascinating Projects in 2019

Written by David

March 5, 2019

3D printing is disrupting every industry imaginable, and one of the most impacted industries is construction. Using 3D printing technology, which offers incredible versatility and freedom, allows these manufacturers to create truly exceptional homes. Through FDM construction printers companies are able to construct full homes Source: Sunconomy As 3D printing continues to grip the world, the way we do many things is being revolutionized. Recently, 3D printing technology has begun to change the world of construction, opening up infinite possibilities for the future. A majority of the companies at the forefront of this industry are innovative startups, which are based all over the world. Countries are embracing and promoting this technology. In fact, Dubai declared that by 2030 a quarter of every new building constructed must use 3D printing technology . Non-profits, concrete companies, and architects alike are innovating new solutions to global problems while pushing the limits of […]


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