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3D Printed Formwork for Topology Optimized Reinforced Concrete Walls

3D Printed Formwork for Topology Optimized Reinforced Concrete Walls

Written by David

May 13, 2020

In the recently published ‘ Topology Optimized Reinforced Concrete Walls Constructed with 3D Printed Formwork ,’ authors Triveni Mudaliar, Rémy D. Lequesne, and Matthew Fadden (all of The University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. ) continue where others have left off in exploring 3D printing in the construction industry.


In this study, the authors are focused on two areas of technology: 3D printing and computational topology optimization (a mathematical technique for optimizing structural geometry). In using the two together, the significant benefits include the ability to build structures that are lighter in weight, aesthetically and architecturally pleasing, and reduced in volume. The team built two small-scale sample structures to test the idea for their concept, specifically in using 3D printed formwork for use with complex reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Examples of topology optimized structures constructed in (a) Blanes, Spain, 2002 (not constructed) (Januszkiewicz and Banachowicz, 2017); (b) Takatsuki, […]


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