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3D-printed food: Here’s how it can be prepared

3D-printed food: Here's how it can be prepared

Written by David

February 2, 2019

First up, what is 3D food printing? The concept of 3D printing revolves around additive manufacturing or the process where layers of raw materials are repeatedly deposited over one another to create different objects. Food printing is pretty much the same, but in this case, ingredients like edible powders, gels, sugar, and dough are processed by sophisticated 3D printers to extrude final edible item onto the plate. Apart from additive manufacturing, some newer techniques have also evolved. For instance, 3D food printers that use a binding technique to adhere ingredients together with edible material or an even complicated method which involves nozzles and lasers for extruding food layer-by-layer. As long as the material in use can be converted into a paste, there’s no limit to the stuff you can prepare using 3D printing. The ingredients have to be forced into printer’s syringe-like mechanism, following which they are manipulated into […]


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