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3D Printed Fastening Part 2 – Attachment Without Inserts

3D Printed Fastening Part 2 – Attachment Without Inserts

Written by David

September 5, 2020

In my previous 3D-printed fastener post, we primarily discussed different insert options for screw attachment. While popular, I have yet to use such techniques, instead opting to form threads and other attachment accommodations into the print itself.


As noted in the last post, it’s possible to form threads with a screw and an undersized printed hole. I instead normally opt to cut the threads as needed with a tap. While I haven’t tried letting the screw form its own thread, I would guess that the tap gives you a bit more leeway as to how wide the screws can be. One would also assume the strength is different, but which is better would seem to be an open question. Taking this a few steps further, why bother with creating threads after the fact at all? Model […]


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