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3D Printed Fashion – The State of the Art in 2019

3D Printed Fashion – The State of the Art in 2019

Written by David

January 14, 2019

Although 3D printed fashion items are still far from being sold at local clothing stores, fashion designers are using the technology to turn their wildest ideas into reality. Let’s take a closer look at what’s currently on offer! Hard to believe these pieces are 3D printed, right? Source: Mashable 3D printed fashion includes everything that’s wearable and 3D printed, from dresses and shoes to accessories. Although we won’t be seeing 3D printed fashion in our local clothing stores just yet, 3D printing has brought a fresh wave of innovation to runway shows and has great potential as a new mass-customization solution. Today’s 3D printing technologies are advanced enough to easily produce shoe soles and jewelry, but it’s still a relatively challenging process to 3D print a dress or a jacket. Garments present one of the biggest challenges for designers to overcome, given that they need to be very flexible. […]


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