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3D Printed Corals Could Be the Future of Bioenergy

3D Printed Corals Could Be the Future of Bioenergy

Written by David

May 30, 2020

With global warming causing sea temperatures to rise, the coral reefs are dying around the world.


The delicate reefs are particularly susceptible to even small changes in average temperature and salinity, and as they die, this could also spell disaster for the many marine organisms that call the reefs home.


This has led researchers to come up with various solutions, and one of the most promising may be printing 3D replacement reefs. While 3D-printed coral cannot bring back the living coral, it could help to reinvigorate some of the ecosystems that use the reefs.


But its primary use could be in the growth of marine biofuels.


The importance of corals


Corals form a major component of a number of tropical marine ecosystems. Without their presence, the food chains in these systems break down. For example, certain types of microalgae live in a symbiotic relationship with corals. The corals […]


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