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3D Printed Clothing Designer Julia Daviy Debuts First Ever 3D Printed Collection for Women Within the U.S. That Is Wearable Day-to-Day at NYFW

Written by David

September 11, 2018

Julia Daviy prints each piece of clothing in 2-4 parts using large-scale printing technology with the majority of her collection being printed on the industrial large-format FDM 3D printers using TPU materials.


She also experiments with flexible resin and SLA technology which permits her to print complex design shapes easily with almost no post processing. Her predecessors in the 3D printed fashion game are known for printing with small-scale printers, cutting, splitting and gluing multiple times over, thus assembling their piece of clothing from many small separate parts.


For Julia, her large printing format means a minimum of handwork and post-processing, with the highest level quality of 3d printed fashion in the industry. Single-handedly producing all three stages of 3D printing herself. Including designing the pieces from scratch. Printing her pieces using large-scale technology, mainly using 2 technologies of 3d printing – FDM and SLA, and assembling her clothing […]


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