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3D-Printed Cement Gets Stronger as It Cracks

3D-Printed Cement Gets Stronger as It Cracks

Written by David

November 7, 2018

Bio-inspired cement paste could enable the construction of buildings that are more resilient in the event of mechanical stress brought on by natural disasters. Researchers have 3D-printed a cement paste that is stronger, not weaker, when it cracks—paving the way for the construction of more disaster-proof, resilient structures, they said. Inspired by the shells of arthropods, such as lobsters and beetles, a team at Purdue University developed the paste with similar toughening mechanisms in the material, which uses its “built-in” weakness to actually make it stronger, said Jan Olek, a professor in Purdue’s Lyles School of Civil Engineering, in a Purdue news release . Cement paste is a key ingredient of concrete and mortar—materials that are widely used in construction. Currently, cracks in these types of materials weaken them, which makes buildings or other structures built with them more prone to damage or collapse under mechanical stress. This bio-inspired, […]


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