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3D Printed Cakes – The Most Mouthwatering Projects

3D Printed Cakes – The Most Mouthwatering Projects

Written by David

April 8, 2019

3D printed food isn’t limited to basic sustenance. Discover the world of 3D printed cakes, which could well serve to be the future of fancy pastries. A lemon meringue tart, courtesy of a 3D Chef printer. Source: It’s no secret that 3D printed food has been on the rise in the last few years. This drive to print edible material somewhat sprang out of necessity, from NASA’s desire to make more appetizing options for astronauts to businesspeople attempting to bring a quick meal to consumers. However, the realm of edible 3D printing has surpassed practicality and is becoming a muse for both pastry chefs and bakers, as they continue to test the limits of this technology in their industries. Here are a few notable artists that create eye-catching masterpieces with their 3D printers. This isn’t an art piece, it’s a cake! Source: The above […]


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