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3D-printed brains reveal Alzheimer’s secrets

3D-printed brains reveal Alzheimer's secrets

Written by David

May 14, 2019

The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)’s Health Tech Hub has printed three 3D brain models that show the effects of dementia on the organ. Printed for Bristol based dementia charity BRACE, the models each have a section missing, which offers views of the inside of the organ and how the disease has depleted its density. Using brain scans and 3D imaging provided by clinical dementia research group ReMemBr Group, which BRACE part-funds, the Health Tech Hub was able to accurately produce two Alzheimer’s diseased brain models and a healthy brain model exactly to scale, using a 3D printer. Each brain took 72 hours to print and is made out of a resin material. The Health Tech Hub covered the full cost of production. Alzheimer’s disease causes progressive atrophy to the brain – a wasting away and shrinking of the brain tissue, which happens at a much […]


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