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3D printed bioplastic: the future of construction?

3D printed bioplastic: the future of construction?

Written by Paul

October 9, 2018

Credit: Ossip To date, most 3D printed buildings have been built from concrete. Could bioplastics be a more sustainable option? Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is a major part of the fourth industrial revolution and it will transform the construction sector, according to Zoubeir Lafhaj , an expert in the future of construction, from the graduate engineering school École Centrale de Lille, in France. ” 3D printing is a formidable tool to introduce robotisation into construction , and other kinds of innovation,” he explains. Lafhaj adds that it will also help tackle environmental issues such as reducing waste . Currently most 3D printed construction projects use concrete , but Lafhaj is certain that is not the future. He says we need to move towards materials that use less energy, have a lower carbon footprint and produce less waste. Plastic is a good alternative because it is more environmentally friendly […]


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