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3D printed batteries: here comes the future

3D printed batteries: here comes the future

Written by David

August 11, 2020

Advances in 3D printed batteries over the past few months point to the real possibility of a future of cheaper, more energy dense batteries that can be customized for application and shape.


The idea of 3D printing batteries is not entirely new, in fact the first one was made by a team led by Jennifer A. Lewis at Harvard University in 2013. They created a customized printer and special anode and cathode inks to produce a lithium-ion battery, but it wasn’t able to power much. It was only about the size of a grain of sand.


Skip forward 7 years and two companies – Blackstone Resources of Switzerland and KeraCel in the US, have both made significant leaps toward the technology and procedures needed to create full 3D printed batteries. KeraCel received a key patent for ‘for its innovative monolithic solid state battery incorporating a sealed anode structure’ and […]


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