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3D Print Rubber – Is Rubber 3D Printing Possible?

3D Print Rubber – Is Rubber 3D Printing Possible?

Written by David

December 23, 2018

As designers continue to grapple with the possibility of 3D printing rubber, we tell you whether it is achievable or not and go into detail discussing alternative rubber-like 3D printing materials. Two prints made in soft PLA. Source: MatterHackers Is it possible to 3D print rubber? No . Why not? Rubber is an organic material whose properties cannot be influenced by external factors. The fact that rubber undergoes vulcanization — to improve its elasticity and strength — implies that it can never again exist in a fluid state. Vulcanization makes rubber solid and ensures it holds its shape. Any process of reheating it will cause it to burn. Therefore, the mere fact that rubber cannot become fluid is the reason why it is impossible to 3D print rubber. In this article, we explore rubber-like 3D printing materials that are excellent alternatives for those who want to 3D print rubber. […]


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