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3D opportunity for blockchain

Introduction FROM the creation of the additive manufacturing (AM) design to final production on the shop floor, AM files can be easily transmitted with the click of a mouse. The digital nature of AM means that parts and products are easier to share and transmit, enabling the creation of digital supply networks and supply chains. Additionally, it creates the opportunity to make AM part development fully documentable and attributable. On the other hand, however, there are cons that accompany these digital pros. In the absence of a strong data-protection framework, a digital design-and-manufacture process creates the potential for data theft or tampering. 1 For these reasons, it seems crucial that we begin to view AM as an inherently digital production process, and thus consider it with the same perspective as other data-centric innovations. In March 2016, Deloitte University Press published 3D opportunity and the digital thread , positing that […]


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