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3D Megatrends: How 3D Printing, Manufacturing, and Design Will Change

How megatrends and emerging technologies will shape 3D manufacturing and global trends as we face down a crisis. It seems, in this time of global pandemic, the rapid and forced change will touch everything.


Technology, in some instances, is accelerating as we attempt to adjust to what everyone calls “the new normal” and the world of 3D is no exception. What we are seeing are overarching trends and industry shifts because of COVID and market growth, and while that might not sound exciting- it will change your life in the near future.



What Is A Megatrend?


Megatrends are major trends in the world, which are either social, economic or technological. Businesses hoping to be around ten or twenty years from now need to be looking at two things: What trends are happening right now that impact their industry. Where those trends have the potential to take their business. Edward […]


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