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3D furniture printer adds new eco-friendly base options

3D furniture printer adds new eco-friendly base options

Written by David

June 27, 2020

Model No. , a company that makes 3D-printed furniture, is adding two new materials to its base options. The sustainable-minded brand often introduces new materials into its production process in an effort to use upcycled resources to create the company’s one-of-a-kind pieces.


The 3D printed bases made with eco-friendly bio-resins are combined with hardwood table surfaces that are sourced primarily from Pacific hardwoods. “Both new base materials, hemp and woodflour, are from post-agricultural waste streams,” said Jillian Northrup, co-founder of Model No. “Hemp is environmental to grow since it has low water needs and is planted densely. Woodflour is basically recycled sawdust that’s a by-product of the construction and manufacturing industry and is turned into a new material.” The wooden material is more durable and weather resistant, according […]


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