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3D Electronics: An Alternative to PCBs?

3D Electronics: An Alternative to PCBs?

Written by David

August 19, 2020

Mention an electronic circuit and you are likely to picture a printed circuit board (PCB): a rigid rectangle in a characteristic green color with copper lines and a bewildering array of components soldered onto it.


But does adding electronic functionality means using a PCB and thus requires shoehorning a rigid rectangle into the product?


The emerging approach of 3D electronics suggests not. Instead of making them separately on a rigid board, 3D electronics instead involves integrating electronic functionality within or onto the surface of objects. While antennas and simple conductive interconnects have long been added to the surface of injection-molded plastic objects, 3D electronics is undergoing extensive innovation with new materials, metallization methods and manufacturing methodologies. This rapidly developing field is extensively analyzed in the new IDTechEx report, ” 3D Electronics 2020-2030: Technologies, Forecasts, Players “. Electrical circuits are increasingly being added onto 3D surfaces and integrated within objects […]


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