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Nine Most Recent Posts in 3D Printing 101

3D Printing for super beginners part 3

3D Printing for super beginners part 3 You can reap the benefits of thousands of other designers, by checking out their projects on free 3D libraries. Ros Bell Feb 22 ♻BEFORE YOU DO THIS , think about the planet a bit, think about Marie Kondo a bit, are you going to...

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3D Printing for super beginners pt 2

3D Printing for super beginners pt 2 Okay, that’s enough theory for the moment. Let’s get building something. Ros Bell Feb 22 An example of a Tinkercad design You don’t have to be a 3D design genius to print a 3D model. You just need to know where to...

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3D Printing for super beginners part 1

3D Printing for super beginners part 1 Ros Bell Feb 20 Terminology, printers, materials & software In this post we’ll be giving you an overview of the kind of terminology you might come across when learning about 3D printers, the different types of printers there...

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3DPod: 3D Printing Podcast Episode 3: Teaching in 3D

On this episode of the 3DPod we are discussing 3D printing in education. Presented by many as a great idea your two presenters are not so sure. Max certainly is against 3D printers in elementary scools. How about high school and college? What do we think of how 3D...

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Nine Most Recent Videos in 3D Printing 101

3D Printing Basics

Learn how to create your first 3D prints with your Silhouette Alta®. In this class, you will learn the basics on setting setting up and calibrating your machine, getting to know the Silhouette 3D software, and making your first builds!

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Comparing 3D Printing Technologies

Most 3D printers generally follow the same basic principle: build a 3D object by stacking hundreds of thin layers. It sounds simple, but there are so many different methods of 3D printing that it can be hard to wrap your head around them all. In this video, I share a handful of objects printed using all kinds of different 3D printers.

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