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343 Industries and non-profit launch Halo-themed prosthetic for kids

343 Industries and non-profit launch Halo-themed prosthetic for kids

Written by David

December 20, 2018

343 Industries has teamed with Limbitless Solutions to offer a new Halo -themed prosthetic created using 3D printing technology. The prosthetic is targeted at children, offering them a “cost-effective” artificial limb with an empowering, fun design. The non-profit organization, which also offers other stylish and fun prosthetic designs, donates its prostheses to the recipients for free. 343 Industries revealed its new collaboration on Tuesday, stating that it has helped provide a new Halo-style prosthetic arm designed for children. The prosthetic design resembles Master Chief’s military green arm — muscular, futuristic, and immediately recognizable. 3D-printing has become an increasingly popular method for creating prosthetic arms. With this technology, the cost of the limb is greatly reduced compared to traditional technologies while retaining the ability to offer a custom fit and full functionality. As the video above shows, the prosthetic devices are capable of gripping items. Limbitless is the result of […]


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