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Monoprice has quite the track record in the 3D printing community. Its well-loved Select Mini was a big deal for a while in the FDM world, and now this MP Mini LCD resin printer (not to be confused with the Monoprice Mini resin printer) aims to make a splash in the resin world.


It wasn’t too long ago that the only worthwhile resin printer a consumer could acquire was made by Formlabs . These machines were tried and true but would leave you with a hole in your wallet that looked like $3,000 had just gone missing.


After a while, resin printers became more affordable and common — and this machine is a prime specimen in this age of affordable resin hardware that combines functionality and affordability. Packing a 2K LCD screen, wireless connectivity, and automatic platform leveling in a sub-$300 package, the MP Mini appears to continue the […]