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2019 Anycubic 4Max Pro 3D Printer – Review the Specs

2019 Anycubic 4Max Pro 3D Printer – Review the Specs

Written by David

March 18, 2019

With a growing range of distinct hardware arising on the budget 3D printing market, the Chinese manufacturer Anycubic has quickly become a fan favorite for frugally-minded makers and beginners looking to acquire a 3D printer without breaking the bank.


Recognized for its popular machines like the Anycubic i3 Mega and resin-based Anycubic Photon, the company has continued on its relentless campaign to bring affordability to desktop 3D printing. Inspired by the design of the Zortrax M200, the manufacturer released the box-shaped Anycubic 4Max back in 2018.


However, Anycubic has already gone back to the drawing board to enhance the 4Max, which has resulted in the new and improved Anycubic 4Max Pro. With a completely new look and target audience, the Anycubic 4Max Pro satisfies a segment of the market that the company has yet to capitalize on. Focused on putting together a 3D printer that is both safe and […]


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