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2 robots in tandem create 3D-printed building components

2 robots in tandem create 3D-printed building components

Written by Paul

October 17, 2018

Dive Brief: Scientists at Nanyan Technological University in Singapore have developed two robots that can work in unison to 3D print a concrete structure, according to news release , paving the way for collaborative 3D printing on a larger scale in the future. Printing large concrete structures requires even larger printers, which can be a challenge on space-constricted construction sites. As an alternative, the NTU researchers developed a “swarm printing” model where several, small robotic printers can communicate with each other to simultaneously print a larger structure. A computer maps out the design and assigns specific parts to each robot, according to the announcement, while an algorithm ensures that the robots do not collide with each other. The robots move into place, printing each part with precise alignment and overlapping joints. A specially formulated cement mix must be blended evenly and in synchronization to produce the proper consistency, the […]


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