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16 must-have 3D printing accessories for use with resin printers

Resin printers are becoming cheaper and more accessible all the time, and 3D printers like the Anycubic Photon and the Elegoo MARS are driving the cost of resin printing down like never before.


However, resin printing is a lot more complicated than FDM printing, so there’s a lot of different accessories you might need. Some of them will be to make your life easier, some will be to make you safer, and all of them are helpful for you to start your journey.


Here are 16 of the best accessories for your resin printer. Thanks to the fantastic 3D printing community, we have this gem. This little pickle container has a strainer that is perfect for cleaning your models. Just fill-up the container with Isopropyl alcohol and put your model in the strainer. You can then use the strainer to lift it out of the bath when it’s ready. […]


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