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12 Sectors That Are Ripe For A 3D-Printing Revolution

A few years ago, 3D printing was considered a novelty, mostly used for small-batch projects and prototypes. Today, this technology has exploded and is being used for things we once only dreamed of, including the mass production of car parts for manufacturers like Volkswagen. Although these emerging uses are impressive, the capabilities of 3D printing are far from fully realized. The experts of Forbes Technology Council follow the latest industry trends and have some insights on which sectors might be impacted by 3D next. Below, 12 members share their predictions for which industries are ripe for a 3D-printing revolution. 1. Full-Scale Manufacturing With new material (such as metal) and faster 3D printers coming into the market, the potential for streamlining many pre- and post-production processes with automation of the most time-consuming tasks is an attractive benefit to many engineers and designers. – Arnie Gordon, Arlyn Scales 2. Local Small-Batch […]


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