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12 3d Printed Easter Eggs By Young Designer

12 3d Printed Easter Eggs By Young Designer

Written by David

March 19, 2019

3D printing is a trend of today whole around a world. It’s not just a help for architectures and mechanics for prototyping new products. Art, industry, science and of course medicine. And this is how amazing can it be, when a company producing materials for 3D printing find a young talented designer and give him a free hand with an important topic – Eastern! Let’s take a look on these futuristics eggs which are designed and printed by young designer Antonin Nosek from Czech republic. PS: You can print them on your own, here is a link to models on Thingiverse. The material is PLA Vertigo Grey (Fillamentum) with his exclusive look. Anyone can write on Bored Panda.


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