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11 Companies Changing the Game with 3D Printing

11 Companies Changing the Game with 3D Printing

Written by David

June 13, 2020

3D printing, although it has been around since the 1980s, is now becoming a major component of the on-demand economy. This form of printing can save time and money in sectors ranging from aerospace to medical to shipping products, all of which are printable at the point of use.


In this author’s opinion, these 11 companies have demonstrated a commitment to this technology and have made it crucial to their operations. They have made the future part of their present.


General Electric


General Electric has made a significant investment in 3D printing. Their LEAP engine, a product of a joint venture with Snecma (Safran) of France, became their best-selling engine two years before the first was produced. Each engine uses 3D-printed fuel nozzles and other next-gen technologies to produce a 16 percent reduction in fuel costs. The nozzles are expected to last five times as long as the previous, […]


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