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10 Wearable Projects To Inspire and Amuse

10 Wearable Projects To Inspire and Amuse

Written by David

November 13, 2018

Do you have an embedded electronics project that you can wear? Then it’s a wearable! Wearables can be a great conversation starting tool at Maker Faires, a way to give life to a Halloween costume, or even carry some utility. With a bit of ingenuity, you can make anything into a wearable. Here are 10 great wearables projects for inspiration. This is a great project to start for cosplayers and those who wish to DIY their Halloween costume. This project uses the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, which means that you can code it using Python, Arduino, and MakeCode! This project uses the accelerometer built into the board to control NeoPixel strips under the ear fabric. Who doesn’t love a good unicorn costume? This project uses NeoPixels and an Arduino LilyPad to bring life to a 3D-printed unicorn horn. This is a great example of how wearables can be created […]


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