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10 Biggest Myths Around 3D Printing

10 Biggest Myths Around 3D Printing

Written by David

February 7, 2019

Back to top With the rise of 3D printing, misconceptions have also popped up. Here are 10 common myths about 3D printing. Let’s separate fact from fiction. Concept 3D printed houses by Eindhoven University of Technology. Source: 3D printing is a manufacturing technology that creates three-dimensional objects by layering materials in succession according to 3D digital models. In other words, 3D printing is fascinating. Yet, although the technology has been around for a while now, some still underestimate (and some exaggerate) the capabilities of 3D printing. The aim of this article, then, is to correct some of the most common misconceptions! The Creality Ender 3, one of the most popular printers on the market, sells for less than $200. Source: The idea that 3D printers are too expensive has kept lots of people from 3D printing. Of course, when 3D printing was first invented by Chuck Hull […]


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